Review: Underworld – Barking

Now I’m not a music critic or some kind of fanatic, but I do have a diverse taste in music.  From Dream Theater to Green day, From Red Alice to From classical to Underworld, Music helps me code and for coding I usually prefer the likes of Shpongle,Younger Brother ,OTT or . For WOW I really enjoy either Röyksopp or something louder like My chemical romance, Rammstein or even dare I say it Gorillaz. But after listening to this new album by the music gods of Underworld I can see me enjoying this in both situations.What I realized almost straight away was the more pop-like sound in this album than what I’m used to from Underworld. That doesn’t take away the length of each track (non of which go below 5 minutes). This album makes me go back to my late teens (10 years ago) back to when a sys admin at school (where I had my work experience) turned me onto Underworld. (Thanks again Alex) .

A by track review.

Bird 1

Something akin to dark and long but a bit happier while still being able to to keep me on my toes. More continuous vocals. Great as a track to kill some Hordies in a BG to.

Always Loved a Film

This song makes me feel good,  Especially after the 2 minute mark. It has a similar feel to Star Guitar by The Chemical Brothers (but with vocals)


A lovely upbeat tune that is great for the ride from work to home on my bike. But it kinda breaks around the middle which is kinda distracting :) Still love it anyway.

Hamburg Hotel

A nice tune without much vocals. Not much special


A very uneasy song, It makes me feel not at ease. Maybe its the subtle distortion in the voice at some points. I do like the guitar like sound at 3:30 which keeps going until the end… I love it.

Between Stars

I love how this song goes a little bit more over the top with its beat and near the end goes to a more muffled outro, not really ending the song but going to a fade…. love that

Diamond Jigsaw

A tune that needs to grow on me….lets keep it at that

Moon in Water

Simply love it. Her voice is lovely even through the distortion. My favorite track on the album


I find the vocals off putting. If they’d do a mix without the voice effect over it I’d like it a whole lot better. This is probably the most sleep inducing track on the album. This could be the one track that’s different from the rest.

Do You Scribble (Abbey road version)

If the shock of the start of this track won’t wake you up after that sleep inducing Louisiana nothing will..After this you can safely go back to sleep…

Final notes:

  • Beaucoup Fish is still my favorite Underworld album :)
  • Followed by Everything Everything. (Rez/Cowgirl FTW!)
  • It made me look up their old albums, Always a win.
  • “Moon In Water” is my favorite track.
  • Followed by “Always Loved a Film”
  • Good enough album, Will definitely stay on my iPhone for a while :)

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