Google IO day 1 #googleio

So yesterday was google io 2011’s first day. In a few words, It was a blast. There were a lot of interesting sessions, and we got a free tablet! Awesome Google & Samsung!

I also updated the shortner android app for honeycomb. But I might have to redo some of the layout.

The sessions I went to were :


Honeycomb highlights

An introduction into the wonders of honeycomb…
An introduction to the +1 button

A +1 button that is soon available for your website .. with stats too :)

Super Browser 2 Turbo HD Remix: Introduction to HTML5 Game Development

Some introduction to the canvas element. Not really my thing ,but interesting anyway for other than game development.

Fireside Chat with the Android Team

Awesome people being funny for the most part :) And a crazy robot saying “Excuse me”

How to NFC

Awesome tech for all sorts of purposes. Near field communication is good for retrieving small pieces of data from a tag or a sticker :)

Some info on the tablet :

The galaxy tab 10.1 which isn’t officially out yet.

The afterparty : Infinite playground

Was pretty sweet :) and smokey…. Didn’t stay too long…

And now there is another day of Google IO

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