An origin story of Facebook spammers

(UPDATED 1st of November 2014) Recently(18th of august 2014) I started receiving Facebook emails in a gmail address I own.  Not for a Facebook account that I own but for some guy from somewhere in Cambodia.  After a few days of thinking it was just phishing and not legit Facebook notifications I decided to investigate after I noticed I was getting copyright violation notices from Facebook.

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Codomo PositiveSSL sec_error_unknown_issuer in firefox fix for apache2

PANIC ! ACK! You just got your Codomo positiveSSL domain validation certificate zip file ,everything works fine in Chrome.. But damnit Firefox doesn’t work..

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Backgrounding high load tasks in Symfony2 using Beanstalk

You all have had this problem at one time or maybe you are having this problem now. You have a big ass cpu intensive task to do and you’re all doing it in a webserver request.

Of course this is insanity. Why would you want your webserver to spend 20 seconds on resizing all the 20 sizes of pictures you need, Or generating and emailing that pdf invoice after a customer has paid.

What if you could background this task and have it be processed on a place more suitable for boring and intensive tasks like the console. This saves on timeouts. There may be a solution!

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Looking for a new challenge!

[UPDATE: I am right now REALLY busy setting up a “new” part of the company in Gouda. So “Jobhunt 2014” has been put on hold for a bit ;) But interesting challenges are always welcome]

Due to the unfortunate event of the office I work at closing down and the company’s other office being 105km up north I’ve started looking for a new challenge. Warning this post is going to contain a lot of “I”‘s

I have 12+ years of experience in web development.  My compatriots are the PHP and other parts of the LAMP stack. I love to tinker, doodle and the other things. (See my twitter/google+/blog)

Besides that I also love working on mobile applications in iOS and Android. I’ve built a few apps along the way teaching myself Java and Objective C. (Time to learn swift!)

I’ve worked in the hosting business for over eight and half years.  And I would like to stay in there.

I flourish in close knit development teams where I can teach people new things and learn new things.

I’m looking for something in the south western of the Netherlands (Zuid Holland) preferably near Gouda.

But leaving the Netherlands completely wouldn’t make me sad ;) Working from home would also be an option.

For job offers and things contact me on Google+ , Twitter or via email. I can send you my CV or code samples upon request.


email me via me (add the curly a thing)