An origin story of Facebook spammers

(UPDATED 1st of November 2014) Recently(18th of august 2014) I started receiving Facebook emails in a gmail address I own.  Not for a Facebook account that I own but for some guy from somewhere in Cambodia.  After a few days of thinking it was just phishing and not legit Facebook notifications I decided to investigate after I noticed I was getting copyright violation notices from Facebook.

Turns out this person had added my email-address to his account when signing up using an Android device.  And started using the account straight away. Uploading a copyright violating video(within 1 hour of signing up) and adding a fuck-ton of friends and being added a lot by others.

This was strange. I never validated the account.  There are only two ways this happens.

  1. I had validated the account somehow. I had never clicked anything related to this. I received a second email from Facebook asking to validate my email address 2 days later. So I’m pretty sure I didn’t click on anything to validate it.
  2. Facebook allows people to start posting without validating the account and keep using it without validation…..

I then(the 22nd )  started a procedure to delete the account. Fed up with it getting spammed by Facebook. I did not follow any links from the emails and just went straight to Facebook itself. Logged in by resetting the password.  Figured out how to delete the account and did so. ( I had to google it ! It was not reachable by the normal UI)

I contacted Facebook support telling them about the issue.  I must have validated it by clicking on a link or something. Strange I never did . When I started receiving a butt-load of friend requests I thought it was spam. The sign-up email was in my spam box (where it rightly belongs)

Mistake? Poor guy..

So maybe the guy added my email address to his account by accident. But that is a giant mistake on Facebook’s part.  Allowing people to do that without making sure the email address is valid for this person.

The guy who made a Facebook account and added my email address has since tried to log in twice and reset the password. And even tried to log into the Facebook account from mobile numerous times.

But wait.. he does it again

Turns out he signed up for an account using my email address again during the night. And uploaded another copyright violating video… I have since reset this account and disabled access to it from “Facebook for android”  I’ve tried contacting his now only 2 friends via Facebook chat. But no response.

He apparently started at “Apple highschool”…

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 09.25.26

And really likes his own posts…


So this guy is a spammer… And this is how spammers get new fake Facebook accounts.


Facebook allows people to sign up via mobile apps, start posting (copyright violating) videos and adding friends straight away without validating email-addresses. This is a severely flawed business practice to get as many “people” as possible on their network.  I would not be surprised if most of the people on Facebook are actually fake. Just spammers adding and liking other spammers!

There are two very good videos by Veritasium, on how bad the situation at Facebook actually is:

I have also sent another email or two to Facebook support. But no response. To be continued.

This is why I like Google+

Update november 1st 2014:

I have since been able to add the email address to my other account. This turned him away from being able to create another account. But this october 28th he was able to do it again. He creates his account from the android app. Either automated or manual tap-farming.  Either way it is fucking annoying.

Facebook:  Please fix your authentication! Validate people’s email addresses first before allowing them to upload videos or photos. He keeps uploading some copyright violating stuff. Over and over again.

I have reset his password, unfriended his “friends” . And written Facebook via their support. Lets see if they can permanently fix this … for once.

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