Review: The Flashforge Creator Pro (2015)

In the past I’ve written about the Up! Mini after I had it  for 6 months. Now I recently got my grubs on the Flashforge Creator Pro (2015 edition).  So here are my impressions.


Unboxing and putting it together

Right out of the box you have to start putting the acrylic top and the window. Now this isn’t something you want to skip as ABS requires a nice hot place to print. It was pretty easy to put together. There were some issues putting in conduit that the air from the fan that blows on the nozzle.  That was a bit of pain in the ass. I put on the spool holders and noticed none of my already existing spools would fit the holders. So I put on some of the filament that came with the printer. I was done. Ready to plug it in and start feeding the filament. After finding another power cable since this unit came with a UK plug ( I borrowed the one from the up mini) I started leveling the bed using the sd card that came in the packaging. Other than that it was smooth sailing.

The great bits

Printing with this machine has been been a dream. Its fast, its accurate and within a few minutes after setting it up i was printing my first print. It has been awfully reliable.  Plus the lights. They light up the build platform pretty good.

The not so good bits

Those spool holders. I don’t see why companies design their 3d printers with only a single spool format in mind. This has to be a profit driven decision. So first thing I printed after the first test cube was a pair of spool holders that will fit any spool.

Top cover: The top cover kind of grabs the cable harness a lot. Luckily I did my research and printed some guides for the wires and other bits and pieces to upgrade it asap.

I had issues with printing layer heights of  less than 0.2mm in PLA. I haven’t really figured those out yet.

Replacing the nozzle or clearing it out from printing is a bit hard. It requires some extra tools that don’t come with the creator pro.

Vs the UP! Mini

It is a great thing to be able to print from an SD card. Not having a laptop attached to upload a model, or doing calibrations. This is so much better. Also the print bed is almost 3 times as big as the up mini. I can level it without having to be attached to a laptop. This one beats the UP! Mini hands down. They are not even in the same league.

Go straight for Simplify3d

Although the creator of the printer recommends ReplicatorG I skipped right past that and bought Simplify3d which came highly recommended from a  number of sources. So far I’ve been enjoying printing with this software.  It is a lot more polished and there are plenty of tutorials and tips and tricks to figure out what you fucked up during the setup :P

Should you get it ?

It is a fine printer for its price. It has a large build volume and makes pretty prints! So I think that is a definite yes!

Printing time lapses

So here are some time lapses that I made with the Flashforge Creator Pro and a GoPro Session :) Enjoy!

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