Open letter to bunq

[EDIT: Eventually I switched to bunq for my internet/cc payments. Still the ability to create so many bank accounts is excessive to me (I am a paying customer)]

The e-mail bunq sent from a no-reply address. So replying was not possible. I decided to write this “open letter” instead. 

This Wednesday I saw bunq(all lowercase, their preference) had a new pricing structure. I found out about this from Twitter. It was a bit of a surprise. But the more the day progressed and now the day after when I received their “we’re listening” e-mail I keep being amazed at their inability to get the point of what I’m (and many with me) are saying.

I want bunq to succeed. Really I do. I love the way their app works and they are usually the first with new stuff. I was never interested in bunq being a price-fighter. I understand that. Especially with the owner’s original company TransIp. They are not budget. Never said they were. Never expected it.

What I do not like is wasting things. Most of all: time and money. I have not yet fully switched to bunq for my payment needs.  And I can’t, I’m stuck with my current bank. And many with me. 

But I love using my colourful bunq debit card to do the shopping with as I have at most a hundred or so euros on it.  I despise cash. But I fear being skimmed. So I disabled my wireless pay on my other bank cards and use the bunq for wireless payments. Great! Diminishing the threat of someone raiding my bank account. 

The new situation has 1 huge problem for me. You go from just online (“free”) to “everything++++++”. There is nothing in between. While there should be a step in between.

Where is the “normal” plan?

Lets say half the price of premium, 1 debit card, 1 bank account, nothing extra.  It gives people an upgrade path and is still as simple. Yes you will probably initially convert less people to premium. But they will come, when they have the need. And then the step to premium is less of an increase.  Also…. stickers.. gotta have stickers.

Add that plan and I’ll upgrade. 

One more thing: Handling of this issue

Dividing people up into groups to reduce the validity of people’s very legitimate complaints is not cool. Seriously. Very disappointed in the way this is being handled by their support on twitter just ignoring what people are saying and the e-mail they sent, way too late and blaming the users. We are not the ones holding it wrong (antenna-gate) . Yes I’m vocal on twitter. This does not make me a cheap-ass. Never expected it to be free. I am not a freeloader thank you very much!

Sending your e-mail from noreply@ is hiding. Send it from an actual mailbox and do something with the responses. Learn from it don’t run away from it.

Being free means to have options to choose. Be the bank of the free. Give your customers options they will love you for it. 

I want bunq to succeed. And please do.


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