6 months with the Up!Mini 3d printer

IMG_20140525_112844Back in late December  we received a bonus at work. I went to the  Mediamarkt(electronics shop) in Rotterdam Alexandrium to buy myself a little early Xmas gift. I walked in and within 10 minutes my eyes locked in on the Up!Mini. At first it looked like some sort of coffee maker or a juicer or maybe some other home appliance. But it was a 3d printer. As the video playing on the laptop beside it pointed out. I was intrigued and decided I wanted to know more.  Sadly none of the people  at the Mediamarkt seemed to know how it worked or what were the pros and cons of this machine.  But being the DIY nerd I am I threw money at the folks and took the precious home. Continue reading 6 months with the Up!Mini 3d printer

Creepybot 1.0

creepybotRecently I’ve been fascinated with robotics. More so than usual. Over the last few months I aquired enough gear and skills that I found myself worthy of attempting to build a robot. And not just any.. a 6 legged robot with 18 servos for the leg control.




Ingredients so far :

Right now this is what it looks like :