6 months with the Up!Mini 3d printer

IMG_20140525_112844Back in late December  we received a bonus at work. I went to the  Mediamarkt(electronics shop) in Rotterdam Alexandrium to buy myself a little early Xmas gift. I walked in and within 10 minutes my eyes locked in on the Up!Mini. At first it looked like some sort of coffee maker or a juicer or maybe some other home appliance. But it was a 3d printer. As the video playing on the laptop beside it pointed out. I was intrigued and decided I wanted to know more.  Sadly none of the people  at the Mediamarkt seemed to know how it worked or what were the pros and cons of this machine.  But being the DIY nerd I am I threw money at the folks and took the precious home. Continue reading 6 months with the Up!Mini 3d printer

Belkin F6D4630-4 unable to change password on mac safari/firefix

Now I recently switched over from pc to mac for the major part of the stuff I do.  But last night my ADSL router crapped out (during a lightning storm) and I had to get a new one..

Having no place to read reviews of ADSL modems (zomg I broke teh internets) so I went to the closest store the next morning to buy a new one… I bought a belkin…

Now appearantly someone had their head up their arse while quality checking this.. because the password change form didn’t work in Firefox or Safari. So in the end I had to start my windows machine and use IE7 to change password…

damnit Belkin!

The internets are broken..What now?

XB fudged it up… so here I am finally writing something on my completely neglected ‘blog’. Luckely my trusty iphone is here to save me while i wait for the connection to be restored.

It got me thinking though. Is there a really secure way of connecting to home? I mean when I add the ip for the wireless of my phone to the hosts.allow or iptables I will open up the window for all kinds of nastyness from that network.

Well I guess there is no other option than to either wait till XB fixes it or go home and work from home for the rest of the day….

Can i has cupcake?

gir_with_cupcake-761082 … yes I can ! Last night I found my android phone without power.. mainly because I had been neglecting it and forgot to charge it… I put it in the charger and forgot to power it on . When I eventually did power it on it asked me if I wanted to update to a newer version…. YAY!

Finally i can now type on screen and record videos! Will figure out the other features later after I finish work.