Belkin F6D4630-4 unable to change password on mac safari/firefix

Now I recently switched over from pc to mac for the major part of the stuff I do.  But last night my ADSL router crapped out (during a lightning storm) and I had to get a new one..

Having no place to read reviews of ADSL modems (zomg I broke teh internets) so I went to the closest store the next morning to buy a new one… I bought a belkin…

Now appearantly someone had their head up their arse while quality checking this.. because the password change form didn’t work in Firefox or Safari. So in the end I had to start my windows machine and use IE7 to change password…

damnit Belkin!

The internets are broken..What now?

XB fudged it up… so here I am finally writing something on my completely neglected ‘blog’. Luckely my trusty iphone is here to save me while i wait for the connection to be restored.

It got me thinking though. Is there a really secure way of connecting to home? I mean when I add the ip for the wireless of my phone to the hosts.allow or iptables I will open up the window for all kinds of nastyness from that network.

Well I guess there is no other option than to either wait till XB fixes it or go home and work from home for the rest of the day….

Using shortner 2 based sites in your application or site

Shortner has been around for a while but always been a pet project of me. With me doing the coding ,hosting and maintenance on it I get little time to actually write about shortner :)  Since the release of shortner 2 I’ve been gathering new ideas for features and optimisations for the codebase. But that time is over :) time to write something about shortner and get the api out there for people to use.

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