My Code

Symfony2 projects:


This bundle helps out by supplying a set of tools and basic framework for workers. It also provides a task-worker-tender (Which keeps workers in check and starts new workers if more work is available)

Open artist community

A to be open sourced symfony2 based artist community.  Currently work in progress. To be released in fall of 2014.

Own framework:

Tarobly 2.0 Artist community

An artist community currently in use on two websites. One is work safe the other isn’t :)

Shortner & Shortner 2.0

A url shortening service.  The current version is currently hosted at

Very old code:

The following code is very old.  Don’t use it.

Taroajax 2

Has queueing and some goodies. Released under the Apache 2.0 licence.

fogbugz client
A little fliddly app for fogbugz. little experiment trying out their api.