Review: Underworld – Barking

Now I’m not a music critic or some kind of fanatic, but I do have a diverse taste in music.  From Dream Theater to Green day, From Red Alice to From classical to Underworld, Music helps me code and for coding I usually prefer the likes of Shpongle,Younger Brother ,OTT or . For WOW I really enjoy either Röyksopp or something louder like My chemical romance, Rammstein or even dare I say it Gorillaz. But after listening to this new album by the music gods of Underworld I can see me enjoying this in both situations. Continue reading Review: Underworld – Barking

Android Experience 2010

Whoa it’s been a while since I posted anything here. Anyway I’ll be going to Android Experience 2010 in Amsterdam on the 24th of march. And looking forward to it already :) Having developed 2 android apps by now (One for shortner and one for my employer) I’m really looking forward to swapping some ideas with other Android devvies. (That is if this isn’t an event filled with non-devvies :D But only time will tell with that ;) )

Webdeveloper on Android:Linking your app to your site

Boss wants an app for the company

So here I was wanting to write that Android app. Now I’ve played with Android before for a smaller app that makes shortners. But I wanted to do something bigger. So during a staff meeting evening I chatted on about android and iphone dev and me doing a shortner app for it.  My boss caught on and told me we should probably do something for the company on a mobile platform. So we did. Continue reading Webdeveloper on Android:Linking your app to your site

Android development

I’m currently playing with some android development to  create an application for shortner. Which is something to get used to… Apart from being on a platform where the connection isn’t always greatish there is also the problem where I haven’t done anything in java in ages. So here I am playing with the android platform, trying how to get stuff to work…


I will post some pix later :)