Project: doomed to fail number #582

Over the past few years I’ve had several projects that I’ve been (at first) very enthousiastic about. But in the end they turned out to be either not as interesting (or rather the part I was most interested in was too easy to do) that I’ve grown tired of not finishing any of my projects…. so as my #582th project I’m going to either finish or kill off 2 projects I left either unattended for ages…. or have lost interest in. Besides that I’m going to learn myself a new skill every month. 

Now to not make it too easy for myself I’m going to give myself my 2 favorite projects to finish/give a boost… That is : Tarobly(not work safe imageboard),  and Shortner 2.0 . Besides that I’ll give myself a skill. Its something I’ve been fiddling with for ages. Japanese. I know its silly and cliche, but hey its a language thats as far away as you can be (for a dutch guy)


  1. Shortner 2.0
  2. Tarobly


  1. Basic japanese reading.

Target date: 28-feb-2009